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"A groundbreaking science-based system that gives you a huge edge over other realtors." -Team Manager

"Their use of neuroscience messaging, engagement surveys and social selling and profiling has made a huge impact for us. " -VP Marketing

"...leveraged cutting-edge neuroscience to dramatically improve lead conversion rates and shorten sales cycles."  -Sales Director

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Executives: build an engaged, motivated, successful team...

A Gallup study says high-trust firms outperform others by 186%, but remote and hybrid work has increased stress and lowered trust. High-trust firms have 50% more productivity and 20% more revenue, but managing five disparate solutions and doing simple engagement surveys is costly and ineffective.

What if you could increase employee engagement by 76% and lower stress by 74% with a single solution? What if employees got excited about improving productivity and professional skills?

In just 8 minutes, they can...

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Recruiters: find and hire more top performers...

Can't find the perfect candidate? Found one but lost them to a competitor? Having difficulty with LinkedIn Recruiter? What if you could find, attract, and hire more rock stars with just two clicks?

Personality tests are obsolete. What if, in only 8 minutes, you could accurately determine a candidate's soft skills, traits, strengths, red flags, leadership style, team fit, and...how to persuade them to join your firm?

Our LinkedIn recruiting system & app does all that and integrates with almost anything, including HRIS...

HR: improve wellness & employee engagement...

A Martec Group study shows that despite the benefits, remote work is taking its toll. Mental health and trust have declined while stress has increased by 42%.

Managing multiple solutions for employee engagement, wellness, recruiting, rewards, professional development, and communications is costly and difficult. What if a single HIPAA-compliant system, based on the latest behavioral and brain science, could do it all?

Why do other solutions fail?

They rely on simple surveys or outdated and inaccurate profiling invented 60+ years ago that's not based on science.

They don't use behavioral or brain science or HIPAA-compliant and personalized wellness & engagement.

They require 5+ disparate and expensive systems that are difficult for HR and employees to learn and use.

Recruit the best in 4 simple steps


According to a LinkedIn study, 90% of recruiters say when new hires fail it's often due to a lack of critical soft skills like creativity, persuasion, collaboration, and adaptability.

Step 1: Profile

The next-gen beyond Myers-Briggs, DiSC, Big Five, StrengthsFinder, and inaccurate text assessments.

  • Neuroscience brain scores validate soft skills
  • Discover strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, etc.
  • NLP Images are faster and more accurate than text

Considering Myers-Briggs?

  • Not recommended for assessments or hiring
  • Invented 80 years ago, not based on science
  • Inaccurate, 50% who retake it type differently

Step 2: Screen

Find, screen, and entice the perfect candidates for the right job and teams...

  • Hiring assessment and brain scoring metrics
  • Uses behavioral science to determine job and team fit
  • Dashboard helps analyze and screen candidates

Step 3: Analyze

Extract & analyze candidate & company info including email, phone, industry, size, etc.

  • Eliminate high-cost recruiting apps & services
  • Analyze & score candidates on data & keyword search
  • Full CRM functions to qualify, manage, prioritize, etc.

Step 4: Engage

Use personalized Communications Playbooks to remotely engage with candidates and build trust...

  • Learn key motivators, preferences, and nuances
  • Templates for video calls, LinkedIn, email, etc.
  • Neurolinguistics (NLP) to help build candidate trust

Seamlessly integrates with most CRM, HRIS, and collaboration solutions

Compare to Traitify...

  • Uses inaccurate "Me" or "Not Me" questions
  • No neuroscience, AI, or brain balance scoring
  • No LinkedIn profile app or recruiter playbooks
  • No LinkedIn contact info extraction or analysis
  • Uses outdated BIG 5 profiling (created in 1980)
  • Classifies for neuroticism (questionable trait)
  • Pricing is per profile (can get expensive)

Next gen engagement in 4 simple steps


A Martec Group study shows that positive mental health, job satisfaction and motivation are down 50% and stress is up 42% since the pandemic started.

Step 1: Profile

The next-gen beyond Myers-Briggs, DiSC, Big Five, StrengthsFinder, and inaccurate text assessments.

  • Behavioral science surveys reveal trust factors
  • Discover strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, etc.
  • NLP Images are faster and more accurate than text

Considering DiSC or BIG 5?

  • Invented 60+ years ago, not based on science
  • BIG 5 uses neuroticism as a personality trait
  • Inaccurate, does not measure trust profiles

Step 2: Collaborate

Use personalized Communications Playbooks to remotely engage with colleagues and build trust...

  • Teammates learn key motivators and preferences
  • Templates for video calls, LinkedIn, email, etc.
  • Neurolinguistics (NLP) to help build team trust

Step 3: Engage

Transcend simple text surveys with profile-personalized wellness & engagement portals

  • Wellness, health, productivity, trust & engagement
  • Diversity, diet, leadership & hundreds of courses
  • HIPAA compliant and HITRUST secure portals

Step 4: Improve

Use the robust TEAMS86 dashboard to see red flags and accurately measure improvements

  • Ken Blanchard leadership development metrics
  • Stress, wellness, professional development trending
  • Check-in surveys measure engagement trending

Seamlessly integrates with most CRM, HRIS, and collaboration solutions

Compare to Glint...

  • Uses non-personalized text-based survey questions
  • No neuroscience or profile normalization
  • No stress, trust, or leadership metrics
  • No HIPAA wellness or engagement portals
  • No integrated team communications playbooks
  • Over 4X the cost per employee

What's our secret sauce?

Simple text surveys, outdated personality tests, and traditional recruiting models that predate the internet are too expensive and no longer effective with remote or hybrid employees. Studies show that in our new working environment, stress is up and trust is down. Neuroscientists and researchers from Harvard have validated that stress increases norepinephrine and lowers a brain chemical called oxytocin. Reversing this lowers stress and improves trust, which has been clinically shown to increase productivity by 50% and engagement by 74%. Doing this, according to Gallup studies, can positively impact revenue and profits by 20% or more.

Traditional personality tests are obsolete...

Next gen profiling measures brain scores and preferences...

DiSC, BIG-5, Myers-Briggs, and similar tests are now 40 to 80 years old and were never based on science. Our patent pending BRAINSCORE86 and ENGAGE86 profiling systems are the only ones based on AI and neuroscience and are therefore the most accurate. Our approach is backed by a decade of research completed by several PhD neuroscientists, including Dr. German Fresco, the author of TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR SUCCESS.

Our test validity and efficacy has been documented and field proven across thousands of individuals and a decade of use in professional environments for leading firms such as Cisco, HP, Oracle, SAP, and Visa. The neuroscientific studies and validation are documented in the award-winning book THE 7 SECRETS OF NEURON LEADERSHIP by a New York Times bestselling author who also has a Harvard University neuroscience certification and two leadership coaching certifications. 

We Inspire Trust for Remote Customer, Candidate & Employee Engagement

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